Paddo to Palmy

Translating Moroccan patterns and prints to stylish fashion concepts.

Stephanie Riordan

Paddo to Palmy is a label born out of a love for exquisite textiles. Founder and designer Heidi Carter did not start out in the fashion industry. In 2011, she started renovating her Paddington terrace and so relocated to a beach house in Palm Beach – hence the name Paddo to Palmy.

She was so inspired by the reflection of the sea in interior design that she documented her ideas in a blog - find Heidi's blog in our Ads and Contributors page.

When it came to furnishing her newly renovated Paddington terrace, Heidi found inspiration in Morocco.

From there Paddo to Palmy was born as an online shop offering vintage Moroccan rugs, blankets, towels, ceramics and tableware.

In 2014, Heidi moved away from her furniture venture and found a new passion in fashion design. Her love of colour and ability to choose beautiful textiles shines through in the latest collection ‘Gisele.’

“I blur the line between a traditional and modernist style with a touch of the orient so yes the fashion and interiors are definitely similar.”

Soft textiles and exotic prints are paired with accentuated waist styles from the 70’s. These shapes aim to flatter the female form. Heidi describes her love and inspiration for French labels. “The French labels like Cacharel, Paul & Joe and Chloe always make my heart stop a beat when I am doing the rounds in Paris.”

The Paddo to Palmy girl is someone with a love of travel and appreciation for quality and unique style. The line offers traditional shapes paired with a touch of eclectic flare and bohemian style. This is the kind of clothing you throw on in the morning and can feel comfortable and stylish in all day long.

The exciting patterns and classic textiles mean you don't need to dress it up with excessive accessories. Simple and casual is the way to go for this floorless elegant day look.

For quality fabrics in a comfortable daytime attire, you can’t go past Paddo to Palmy.

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