Padilla Nicás Arquitectos

House in Santo Domingo


Tucked away in the orderly area of Santo Domingo in urban Madrid, a compact, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary home was the starting point for a spectacular renovation.

Celebrating fine lines and grand volumes, this sophisticated design from Spanish firm, Padilla Nicás, deftly organizes this home into communal and intimate areas.  

Sharp angles open up the entrance of the home to invite guests in, a chic welcoming with a distinctly contemporary feel. Differing ceiling heights and inclines, rather than walls separate the living, dining and more intimate areas of the home, unifying them and yet managing a warm, interconnected feel to the entire abode.

Fusing contemporary minimalism with modern details, the material palette is predominantly monochromatic, with bright whites, stone, concrete and black finishings featured throughout the design. An abundant use of natural light compliments these elements beautifully, the angles and volumes of each room accentuated by sunlight which streams through expansive windows.

The ideas of balance and symmetry are strong in Padilla Nicás’ design, despite the seeming irregularity of the external shapes.

The impressive exterior cleverly shelters the private areas of the home from the outside world, positioning the walls back from the façade and concealing them further through the angle and height of the roof. This also makes the scale of the home appear deceptively small, shielding the extensions at the back and blending seamlessly with the cottage style homes that surround it.  It still manages to exude its own definitive style.

Overall the finished product feels lively and engaging, carefully considered to suit the needs of their clients family. The drama of the public spaces with their impressive scale and artistic touch draw focus outside to the view and rich greenery.

The strong, modern façade of the home glimpses the clean architectural lines, and fusion of art and design that awaits inside. Yet it is the small, personal touches and finishes that make this home complete. A beautiful, seemingly simplistic design, the Santo Domingo house is a credit to the vision of Padilla Nicás Arquitectos.

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